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Can You Install Your Own Blinds or Shades in Austin?

Putting up updated window treatments in Austin is a great way to add vibrance and a good look to any home or professional area.

It might seem like an easy task to take care of without help. It can’t be that complicated, right?

There are a lot of processes that can go sideways when hanging blinds or shades without pro help.

You could have to waste too much time straightening them, only to discover they don’t fit your windows as complete as they should. Sadly, this is a common problem with pre-made window treatments from big box retailers.

When you choose a design expert like one from Louver Shop of Austin, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish. You’ll learn just how comprehensive the process could be!

We’ll get started with a free, in-home consultation to select custom window treatments just for your rooms. Then our factory-trained pros will install them in a skilled manner.

Here are four perks for working with a specialist rather than trying to tackle installation on your own.

  1. You’ll Come Across the Ideal Window Treatment
  2. If you do it on your own, you may learn too late that the color you’ve chosen doesn’t work with your style.

    When you work with an expert like Louver Shop of Austin, we’ll bring all the styles to your living room. You’ll soon learn there are a wide variety of styles, materials and colors to choose from.

    And that’s a good thing! We’ll work together to select the ideal window treatment for your preferences.

  3. No Hidden Expenses
  4. Putting up new window treatments only to notice they’re crooked or a bad fit can be a headache. It could cost you a huge amount of time and money to take care of the problem.

    At Louver Shop of Austin, we provide you with a Complete Comfort Pricing™ quote so you’ll be informed with your total cost up-front. We also have adaptable payments through financing to make your updated window treatments work with your budget.

    When you have a factory-trained expert, you’ll benefit from their knowledge.

  5. Stop Damage to Your House or Business
  6. There’s a lot to keep in mind when hanging new window treatments: measurements, drilling spots and even how much the window treatments weigh.

    You could have to put up a modified type of bracket or screw to prevent an ill fit in the mount. Making a bad choice could mean damaging the walls. And cause expensive repairs.

    Installation gets even more complex depending on the extra options you customize. And that shows there’s even more to keep track of.

    Working with a professional means not having to be concerned about about all the little parts. You’ll have additional time to focus on more important things.

  7. Good Condition for Years to Come
  8. You never are sure what you’re going to get when you purchase a ready-made window treatment from outside the USA.

    At Louver Shop of Austin, we manufacture all of our window treatments in the U.S.. Plus, we stand behind them with one of the best warranties you can find. You can think of us as a safety net for your blinds and shades for many years.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes with Professional Installation from Louver Shop of Austin

Home projects usually seem simpler than the final result. Not accounting for the right measurement or material might be a pricey mistake.

It’s one you can avoid by selecting a pro like Louver Shop of Austin. Give us a call at 888-428-1415 or contact us online to learn just how much hassle we can save you!